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We welcome locators to refer our communities. To ensure prompt payment, please fill out the form to register your client. Locator guidelines are listed below the form.

Locator Guidelines

  1. Locator agents must have a valid Real Estate License to refer clients to Shoregate properties and earn commissions. 
  2. Referrals must be registered at each property through the above form. Electronic guest card source must be listed as “Locator – Apt. Service”, and include Locator agent's full name, agency name, and contact information. Emails and/or text messages documentation will NOT be accepted.
  3. Locator must provide the FIRST contact with the prospective resident. Emails and/or text messages documentation will NOT be accepted.
  4. We do NOT complete lease verification forms from locators. The property on-site team DOES NOT set commission rates, verify residency or application status.
  5. Contact with the resident must have occurred during the 6 months prior to move-in. 
  6. Rental application source must be listed as “Locator – Apt. Service” to be considered a valid referral. Emails and/or text messages from the resident will NOT be accepted. 
  7. Invoice, W9, and Real Estate License should be submitted in PDF file format by email to:
  8. A locator will NOT be paid for a lease with a stated term shorter than 6 months unless it is a corporate lease (a flat referral commission of $100 is paid on corporate leases). Lease term less than 12 months will be paid on a pro-rated basis.
  9. Payment will be made for a valid referral 45-60 days after the resident has moved-in, provided the resident remains in good standing. 
  10. Payment will not be made to third parties for referrals. All payments will be sent directly to the referring locator/broker. 
  11. No payment will be made for referrals invoiced more than three months beyond the date of referral. Invoices must be submitted promptly.
  12. No payment will be paid to a locator for referring another locator or real estate agent. 
  13. Locator shall not compensate any Shoregate associates under any circumstances.
  14. Communication with locators is via
  15. Commission rates fluctuate and a Max Commission of $1000.00 may be imposed at any time.
  16. Locators’ current commissions are posted monthly on ALN for your convenience. Use the email addressed in ALN and phone number when contacting the property. Certain properties may have a maximum payment cap regardless of the percentage paid.